Barry Jacques

Barry Jacques

Born in Waterford Ireland 1964, and possessing only good memories of a childhood without anything, but with everything any kid needed. He emigrated accidentally, with a friend, both of them blagging passage on a container ship from a kindly German Captain on his way to Rotterdam in 1985, and has gone on to travel various parts of the world when not having to do strange jobs to earn a living. After twenty years in Shepherds Bush, London, he now lives with his wife in the Chiltern Hills between London and Oxford.

Three Dead Dogs Book CoverThree Dead Dogs from the Book for Cooks series is the first book in the collection of short stories & recipes.

From the Atlantic ocean smashing against flat rocks in Ireland, to the sophisticated vacuity and loneliness of London suburbs, gritty Cardiff bay, odd Belgian hotels, Idaho roadside diners, love, infidelity, murder philosophical whimsy to mention but a few, Jacques finds a multitude of voices in surprising locations across the planet to take us on journeys where nothing is certain, other than perhaps a meal at the end of it.

Torrid tales of murder, tender tales of love, a peep behind the twitching curtains of the middle classes, and into the minds and hearts of ordinary people.  To exist, all of them share a commonality. Ultimately all have to eat at some stage. A short story collection, like no other. A recipe book, like no other.


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