Trump and the King’s Ransom

Trump’s inauguration is now complete.  Rather than go to the party and strut about with that big fat ugly orange gloating muckle-mug of his, he first sets about trying to ensure that Americans on the wrong side of the income line are compromised further as he sets his slitty-beady eyes on ObamaCare.  A real ‘man-of-the-people’ move.  What next, wipe a shitty shoe on a hobo’s back?nbc-fires-donald-trump-after-he-calls-mexicans-rapists-and-drug-runners.jpg

Some idiots in America seem to think that having some kind of social net in a wealthy society compromises them.  “I got here on my own … why should I pay for someone else?”  Because that’s what a society is you twats!  It’s a social network of people prepared to look out for each other and contribute into various funds and resources from which they themselves may never need to draw, with a view to benefitting others and creating a more equitable society.  Help others?  Why do these people find this so strange and offensive?  It’s not even an alien concept for Christians?

I’m beginning to believe that too many of our American friends are reading the Bible too much and spending all their time in the Old Testament.  Come forward several hundred years folks and you’ll come to the New Testament wherein you’ll find all sorts of stuff from a chap alleged to be called Jesus who goes on and on about looking out for each other, being nicer, forgiving and understanding.  Sounds awfully Buddhist in a way.  His dozen or so follower chaps even claim he died for us in a sort of massive self-sacrificing act too!  Or so it was put together about three hundred years after his death by a big bunch of big-wigs around a table in Turkey.  The old eye-for-an-eye was the earlier book, and like most updated programs of various sorts, it was rendered obsolete by the teachings attributed to the man-on-the-cross.  Spurious history aside, it does seem only right that if people are going to call themselves Christians that they actually behave or at least understand what it is they’re purporting to be.  Trump’s lot remind me of the mob at the stoning in The Life of Brian.

Four years … surely he can’t do too much damage in four years?

The trouble is he probably can and it looks like that swing to the right has happened across the entire country over there, as well as over here, and in France, Holland, Austria, Germany, Australia, and Poland.  Is it because we all have more possessions and things we have to guard, and have become paranoid about someone taking them away or having to share them?  It’s definitely not some intellectual movement, or a thought-out dismissal of one view over another.  The whole thing stinks of some kind of selfish knee-jerk reaction of spoilt people having their noses put out of joint by things not being as great as they want them.

‘We want what we want and we want it now!’

As societies we have as much as we need.  Needing an extra ten million when you have a hundred borders on a slavish stupidity.  Life is limited in time and enjoyment of it is an art form that needs practice.  Practice takes time.  Pastimes, hobbies, loves, all these aspects of life-enriching behaviour need more than just a wad of dosh flung at them.  If making money is your only enjoyment, you need help the same way a gambler or coke-head does.  You’ve gone off track, even if you think you haven’t.  Like Tyson driving cars until they ran out of gas and then just buying a new one … Not having every thing you want is normal.  It keeps desire and balance and stopimg_0967s you turning into a complete twat as you retain some perspective on what life is, if not for you, at least for most people.  Unless your somewhat psychopathic, being amongst fellow human beings and sharing the world in the time you’re alive is what being human is about.  Even if there’s a crowd in the ivory tower, most of them live only in their own minds and lack the empathic development to understand real depth of compassionate feeling.

The English King John hoarded money to the point that the economy almost came to a standstill as many traders and merchants no longer had coin to exchange with each other and keep the money illusion alive.  When such an idiot ran England, they ended up with him being a lame-duck King until he finally signed the Magna Carta with a mob of Barons holding pikes to his head.  It seems that things sometimes have to get worse, before they get better!  Not good omens for the Trump era I’m thinking.

Who would be the equivalent of the Barons today who could hold the King to Ransom?




  1. the occupant · January 22, 2017

    Excellent post – you covered some of my major annoyances there. Right-wing fuckwits obviously, but also ‘Christians’ who aren’t following the word of ‘Christ’, and therefore aren’t actually Christians. And yes, those who’s life is ruined by their sad love of money.


  2. Barry Jacques · January 22, 2017

    I thought I might hear from you. I was in that kind of mood yesterday. Some gloating trolls rolling around the net at the moment, so thought I’d balance things out a bit.


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