2017…a few early thoughts on the year lately gone by



A real world

is laid bare, so

shut up and hide!

Those without care

have swung the wide tide.

Love of the other,

no longer finds favour.

Hate and distaste:

these things are now savoured.

Accept what they’ve done,

that they lied, and they won!

And the rules that they broke,

we ourselves thought a joke.

For life, it goes on,

without shame in their eyes.

But life without care,

we know is not wise.

Remember instead,

it’s not enough to just think,

to cry or to wail,

or spill tears in your drink.

The enemy lives,

Within the heart of us all,

For the love of a God,

it too, found

a fall

I will arise and go now,

and go

but not to Inishfree,

for there, I don’t have a cottage 


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