By Hook or by Crook

Just finished a novel with the above title…

It’s been through a few edits so far and I’m kind of happy with it now.  I think it’ll run as a series.  Its full title is By Hook or by Crook, The Harry Johnson Chronicles Book 1, it runs for about 360 pages, or just shy of 120,000 words, and I seem to already 60 pages into book two…

Not quite sure how that happened, but I seem to have developed a disturbing stare.

It’s an evolving cozy mystery thriller literary fiction piece … a sub-genre of a sub-genre of a sub-genre, that’s likely to become a genre!

The generalities of genres always irked me, but I’m beginning to warm to them, now that someone expects me to pigeonhole my own piece.  A few eyes have roamed over it so far, and the feedback is good.  These eyes are not the back-slapping, happy-clapping, life-sapping, enthusiasts of some kind of joy killing support group.  So I’m happy!

I’ll put a few chapters up over the next few weeks, and see what people say.

Now, I think I need a beer!





  1. the occupant · July 13, 2016

    Huge congratulations! Isn’t this the fulfillment of a ‘lifetime ambition’? I must say, you seem rather blasé about such a truly monumental event?


    • Barry Jacques · July 21, 2016

      Wouldn’t say I was blasé. More relieved than anything else. After Three Dead Dogs was finished I spent months learning about blogging, tweeting, self promo and all that, and to be honest, I don’t find it much fun. I wasn’t really sure where to start then, and most of what I came across seemed to be people tweeting or blogging that they’d finished something and were begging for it to be bought. That never works for me, and I hate the whole pushy sales thing.
      I spent about four months editing too, before I felt the novel was ready, so the step to declaring the thing done is always going to be tentative.
      I don’t want to spend the next six months trying to get people to download it online, although I may have to take that route, but I was hoping to tout it about to a few agents. I might fork out for a hundred to be published, just to have a working copy, but I’ll decide that over the next couple of weeks.
      I’m in a ‘what do I do now?’ situation, but don’t want to really do much other than continue writing on the sequel…


      • the occupant · July 22, 2016

        I completely agree with the ‘pushy sales thing’, I have difficulties with that too. I also think using the traditional publishing route would be a much better way to go, though obviously not as straightforward.


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