Into December 2015

So that last post was really some background to how Three Dead Dogs got off the ground…I won’t try to recap the whole thing.

It was a sub-project in truth, but ended up taking over my life for a bit. I’d forgotten how much I liked the short story format in truth, and although


a simple tapas

weaving the recipes into the narratives could be a bit trying at times and caused me to abort several stories, ultimately I felt the ones I left in worked.

I’m still working on a novel. First draft is complete, and I’m beginning the editing process. The rough is about 120,000 words, which is a nice length I think, especially in a series. I quite enjoy the editing too, and often find that once I’ve immersed myself back in the fictional world completely, doing the re-writing, and messing around with additions, omissions, and cuts and making the whole thing a coherent piece is one of the most enjoyable parts of the whole process. It also allows me, or my mind, over which I don’t seem to have complete control, to begin to plot out book two.

When I say ‘plot out’ I don’t mean that in a schematic plan way…you know, with charts and the like! I’ve tried that previously and for me I find it saps me of the will to get on and write the story as I feel like I’ve already done it. I prefer to just write, allow the world and story to unfold and come back later to tweak and weave. Also, the beauty for me so far with this process is that occasionally my head isn’t quite in the right place, even though I’m writing away, and the story takes me off to somewhere else. This has resulted in five new short stories, plus recipes for ‘Cook in the Book 2′(untitled yet), I don’t know how many the series will run to,  but I’m pretty happy with the way they’re coming out at the moment.

The novel itself is set mainly in the Barony of Gaultier in county Waterford, southern Ireland.  Some of the characters have popped up in the shorts, and will continue to pop up in different works I suspect. Tom and Mary Fortune, from Goosegog and Apple Pie feature as background


Aggies, in the Barony of Gaultier

people, as for some reason they’ve almost become real to me as people of the place. Bill in The Saratoga,  a real Landlord from a real bar on Woodstown beach continues to pop up amongst others, but the overall story is a different beast. Also, I don’t have a name for it yet either…that’s bugging me a bit.


Once I’ve decided on a name I can begin thinking about a cover, and all the other stuff that begins to take over life as I know it…




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